maandag 22 december 2008


This is my latest and probably final moving storyboard. I'm working on layouts now, so maybe some camera angles will be changed. I don't think it will affect the timing.


Now the old story didn't really tell anything. Maybe just an observation of a child and it's imagination. So I took the interesting bits and twisted and shifted and added some new drawings to make up a story from beginning to end.
I think the new story flows much better and actully tells something.

dinsdag 16 december 2008

Concept speedy

Continuing the search for a nice mood, I came up with this speedpainting. Just trying :-) Now back to the storyboard for my animation. It needs some serious clarifying. Sigh... me and my sketchyness.

donderdag 11 december 2008


Today I've been playing around with the main character for my upcoming animation. Here's some style exploration. I might go for a combination of drawn and vector. Can't decide yet :)

vrijdag 5 december 2008


I wanted to try something different. The following image conjured itself. Some James Jean influences (lightyears behind his finesse, ofcourse) swam in my head and a guy I know that plays flamenco style guitar.. yes then you could get something like this. Anyhoo, it was a fun ride.

dinsdag 2 december 2008

Style exploration

Here is some style-exploration for my graduanimation. I kinda like the vector work. Simplistic but powerful when your colors are working. Some earlier attempts with gouache failed miserably. Very muddy and time consuming.

More soon, 'cause I've also been working on the storyboard. Hopefully I can finish and show some later this week.