woensdag 8 oktober 2008

Character doodles

I've been thinking of doing an animation for graduation. I think it can bring lots of elements of picture making together. You've got backgrounds, characters, story, composition, color, timing, action etc. Lot's of cool stuff to get into.
This way I hope to find strengths and weaknesses and focus on those points. Hopefully I will find my way to go after graduation and into the world of the working class. Here's practising cute design and poses and such:

Which evolved into:

Some extra poses:

I will come back to the design because there is not a lot of design going on: generic clothes, proportions. It would be interesting to change the figure according to personality, age and environment and so on to try and get a decent design.

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Walk cycle test


Been caught up in school demands. To be able to graduate I must complete the task of research and statistics..
My favorites....
Well, I haven't sat still because of it and tried my hand on some animation. Two years ago I bought "The animators survival kit" which is a great book written by Richard Williams. Yeah the one who directed the animation on "Who framed Roger Rabbit".
I drew a somewhat generic ghostlike character a while ago and decided to let him walk on my screen. Now i'm not the cleanest when it comes to drawing, so forgive me for the sloppiness, but it walks! I've never done a fully drawn walkcycle before. I'm sure it's lacking in a lot of ways: the planning of the walk (one step = 7 frames, 12 fps), it could be cleaner etc., but it's a humble test.